• Élan™ is a cloud-based software solution 
    built to help advertising agencies 
    & media buying services
    Plan, Purchase,
    Verify & Bill 
    • TV Advertising 
    • Radio Advertising 
    • Digital Advertising 
    • Print Advertising 
    • Outdoor Advertising 
  • Élan is an end-to-end advertising agency solution
    Reduce costly miscommunications,
    improve customer relationships and increase profitability by
    integrating, streamlining and modernizing your business.
  • Élan gives you a 360° view of your clients
    Work from a single and complete view of your clients from
    estimates & planning through billing & collections

A modern, integrated advertising agency platform

Élan™ is a cloud-based software platform built to streamline and integrate advertising agencies and media buying services.

Broadcast Media

Manage the buying and selling of TV and Radio advertising:

  • Client Estimates
  • Generate Orders
  • Material Trafficking Instructions
  • Affidavit Entry & Matching
  • Billing
  • Goals & Post Rating Analysis
  • Nielsen Ratings Integration

Published Media

Buy and sell Print and Digital advertising:

  • Print Ad Buys
  • Digital Ad Buys
  • Outdoor Ad Buys
  • Client Estimates
  • Vendor Purchase Orders
  • Material Tracking
  • Order Verification
  • Billing


Project Management:

  • Create Jobs
  • Generate Estimates
  • Track Approvals
  • Assign Tasks
  • Issue Purchase Orders
  • Track Time and Expenses
  • Generate Invoices
  • Monitor Estimates v. Actuals

Accounts & Receivable

Manage Receivables:

  • Generate & Send Invoices
  • Apply Payments
  • Send Statements
  • Manage Collections


Élan includes a complete financial system:

  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Reports
  • Fixed Assets

Advertiser's Portal

Coming soon:

  • Approve Estimates
  • Track Campaigns
  • View and Pay Invoices Online

The User Experience

Élan is a cloud-based software platform that will work on any internet connected device with a browser. It leverages the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver a powerful, yet simple to use interface.

Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere with an internet connection. Élan is a cloud-based system that is available anywhere you are.

Access from Any Device

If your device is connected to the internet and can run an HTML5-compliant browser - you are open for business!


Take full advantage of modern, touch-enabled devices like tablets, smart-phones, touch-enabled PCs and Laptops.

Customizable, Easy to Use

Élan is a flexible platform that can be configured to support any advertising-based business workflow.

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Some Screenshots

Élan™ is a web-based application hosted on our cloud. It can be run from any device with an HTML5-compatible browser. Here are some screenshots to give you a feel for the user experience.

About Us

We provide cloud-based software to advertising agencies and media buying services. Our customers include multi-national and local agencies.

In 2000 Intersoft signed an agreement with IAR Consulting Group to market and support the software within Puerto Rico. The success of this partnership led to the agreement being expanded for IAR to support the software throughout South America and Latin America.

The Principles

Jeff Shine


Jeff has been working with agencies and media business for over 30 years. In that time he has co-founded both Intersoft Media Systems and the Media Services Group Ltd. Today his companies manage billions of dollars in ad sales and billing every year.
Ismael Acosta

IAR Consulting Group

Ismael is an industry veteran with nearly three decades specalizing in the advertising industry in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. He is the founder of IAR Consulting Group and sole distrubutor of Intersoft's software products.
Dan Pellegrini


Dan has dedicated the last 12 years to creating top-shelf software solutions for the advertising industry. He is a key stakeholder and partner at Media Services Group, a sister company to Intersoft and oversees software development at both companies.
Noelia Acosta

Vice President
IAR Consulting Group

Noelia has been a key stakeholder and partner at IAR Consulting Group for three years. She specializes in marketing, system design and support for Intersoft's software products in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.

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